STV, the leading domestic DTO-operator, has placed into service a new hardware-broadcasting complex (HBC). The technological solutions chosen during the creation of the complex have no analogues in Russia. The HBC update allows the company to provide the Playout service - the formation of TV channel airtime and providing of its broadcasting - to more partners. Currently, the operator provides this service to more than 60 TV channels.
STV, leading Russian DTO-operator, launched new youth TV channel “Go” on May 3, 2018. All of its content, addressed for an audience of young people of 10-25 years old, produces by popular video bloggers. Broadcasting carried out with the ABS-2A spacecraft (75 ° E). The channel's signal is available on 98% of the territory of the Russian Federation.
Dear colleagues and friends!
STV wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the long-awaited holiday presents a sincere happiness, excellent mood and soulful atmosphere in the circle of close people!
We wish you in 2018 optimism and confidence in your own abilities, bright ideas and non-standard solutions, success and luck in all your endeavors.
And let all the desires that you wish with the Kremlin's chimes peal will surely come true!
On December 1, 2017, the leading Russian DTO-operator STV starts broadcasting of the TV channel Multimuzyka. The new musical family channel of Tsifrovoye Televideniye is oriented at children under 10 years old, on the air are a full series of musical cartoons and specially created for the channel collections of songs and videos. Psychologists note that music and songs have a beneficial effect on the development of children's mental and creative abilities, improve memory, and shape non-standard thinking. The new TV channel will help to introduce small viewers to the diversity of the surrounding world - its sounds, images, emotions. Broadcasting of the channel is organized from the spacecraft ABS-2A.
Dear Colleagues!
STV congratulates you on professional holiday - the Day of Television!
We do not just entertain people - our common work brings families and whole nations together, informs about vital events, talks about the bright, interesting and multifaceted world that surrounds everyone.
We wish you furthered professional development, brilliant creative ideas and their perfect implementation! And let each of us still deservedly be proud of the title of an employee of Russian television!
On November 1, 2017, STV, Russia's largest DTO operator, received another prestigious award. In the day, the general director of the company Yulia Shakhmanova spoke at the XXII International conference SATCOMRUS-2017, and at the gala evening, she received the prize "For the successful development of satellite TV using the technologic platform of the RSCC." Ksenia Drozdova, Deputy General Director for Business Development of FSUE «Space Communication», presented the award.